Photo: African elephant in the wild

Pangea will offer a solution to circuses, zoos and governments wishing to rehome their resident elephants. 

Our reserve will span several hundred hectares of natural habitat in which both elephants and native wildlife can thrive. Resident elephants will forage in diverse vegetation and choose how they spend their time and with whom. The warm, Mediterranean climate will mean that they can spend the vast majority of their time outside, walking freely for kilometres each day. Each elephant will also receive the expert, individualised care, in groups appropriate to their sex and species.

Our approach is rooted in science and backed by experts in captive care and wild elephant behaviour. Working together with our academic partners, we shall closely monitor progress to fine-tune our own management practices and share findings widely to demonstrate the tangible benefits of our model. 

To nurture local biodiversity and to develop the base for a suite of flourishing ecosystem services, the land will be restored by improvements to soil and water retention and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Stocking densities and grazing patterns will be carefully balanced so that the land will be restored as a haven for both native wildlife and rehomed megaherbivores. 

We shall also work to raise awareness with the wider public about the need to protect wild elephants in Africa and Asia, and support reforms that help to improve the welfare of elephants in captivity.  

Photo: Rehomed circus elephant at White Oak Conservation Center, Florida