Photo: Rescued elephants, Amira and Sizi, meeting each other for the first time before their releaseinto Panda Masuie Forest Reserve ((C) IFAW)

French circus brings in holographic animals act

The French company’s “100% Humain” show, now on tour exclusively in France, showcases projected images of a lion, elephant, and even some beluga whales alongside its human performers, who are illuminated by a massive LED light display and accompanied by a live orchestra playing rock music.

Co-founder, Sandrine Bouglione, says that removing animals from circuses not only makes business sense—it’s the right thing to do. “Whatever we do, they are born and die inside a cage, just to entertain people,” she says. “We can’t just keep doing circus like our grandparents used to do.”

Read the full article on Bloomberg News here.


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